The Fourth of July is almost here… and to us at United Faith Mortgage, it’s about more than just fireworks.  When we watch fireworks, we think of summer.  We think of brats on the grill and little feet running through sprinklers.  We think of friends and family and the big picnic blanket we lay on under the stars and colorful explosions.  Talking about another weekend boating on the lake, and laughter over the time Uncle Jessie’s tube flipped.  We think of late nights on the deck, or wherever your favorite place is to sit with the person that really means something to you. We think of red, white and blue and what those colors mean – how blessed we are to live in a country that gives us peace in our homes.  And a God that gives us peace greater than all.


We love fireworks.  To us, they say a lot more than crackle and boom.  That’s one of the reasons this year we’re proud to sponsor the Fireworks Show at KLTY’s Celebrate Freedom.  And we hope every single of one of you gets a chance to enjoy the fireworks next to the people that matter most to you… in the land we call home.  Because yeah, we know the monetary value of homes here.  But we also know that the feeling when you walk in your home?  That’s priceless.


Happy Fourth of July to you and your family.  We’re celebrating the land we get to share with families like yours!



Audrey, and the United Faith Mortgage family

The Christian Mortgage Mom