We love a good house plant. Filling your home with green and growing things has so many benefits, including being beautiful décor when you’re selling and staging. But what about when the rooms that need it are low light and a little harder to plan?  Never fear. After battling many a north or south facing window, here’s a few house plants for low light we’d recommend.


Best House Plants for Low Light:

  • The Snake Plant. Also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, these little guys are strong and sturdy, and their tall spikey leaves add a playful dimension to any room. They can still thrive in low light and are very forgiving when you forget to water them. I know from experience.
  • The ZZ Plant. These can occupy small pots on shelves or large planters in corners! They are a favorite when needing house plants for low light rooms, and also very low maintenance if you doubt your green thumb. When I bought mine, the lady told me it “thrives on neglect.” That’s a win in any busy woman’s world.
  • The Pothos Plant. You might be familiar with these waxy, heart-leaf vines. They are a favorite for desk décor everywhere – but don’t just leave them at the office!  I love these on top of tall bookshelves to add some organic dimension.


If you’re still a little nervous about bringing in more plants, try grabbing a small bunch of local flowers and putting them in a vase.  You’d be surprised how much a flower or two can brighten up that dark back bedroom! And if you’re still looking for the perfect home for you, your family, and your plants… give us a call! We’re a Christian Mortgage company that has been about family since the beginning. We’d love to help!




The Christian Mortgage Mom