You never guessed you’d be house hunting during the Coronavirus. How do you stay safe and still look for a home during a pandemic?  Some people have chosen to wait to move, but there are lots of reasons to continue your search, and we want to give you a few tools to help!


  • Lots of properties are giving virtual tours! We know it’s not what you thought it might be like, but it’s one of the best ways to see what a house would feel like while staying safely inside. has even created an icon for virtual tours.


  • Don’t skip having an agent. Having an agent during house hunting when so much is online is probably the best advice we can give you. Agents are familiar with neighborhoods, terminology, and common tricks to make an online listing look better than it is, or advise you about the diamond in the rough in a great neighborhood.


  • Ask for the seller disclosure. If you like a property you’ve found while house hunting online, ask for the seller disclosure. It’s basically a document that outlines any known problems as well as updates and improvements, and can give you a look at the structure of the home, and your likelihood to need replacements or work.


  • Be safe. If you do visit a home, take the necessary precautions. Don’t touch things in other people’s homes, and make sure you pack your hand sanitizer. Understand that sellers may or may not be comfortable with people entering their home right now. That’s ok! Asking for more video footage, taking a drive through the neighborhood, and talking to your agent can help you make a great decision, even if you don’t physically visit the house.


We know this is a strange season to be doing almost anything, especially something as big and life altering as looking for a new home.  We’re here for you, wherever you are at in your house hunting journey! We can help answer any loan questions you might have, and direct you to agents we’ve worked with in your area.  Just let us know what you need!  Praying for all of you and your families.



Audrey and the UFM Team

The Christian Mortgage Mom